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Junior Miner Focused Fund

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About Us

We offer a unique investment product to accredited investors through our regulated fund.

Attributes of Our Offering

A Unique Investment Product

Accumulation of Warrants

• The Fund consistently receives free warrants in selected private placements.
• Our industry relationships allow us to receive excellent allocations in most sought after transactions.
• Given the high volatility of the sector and the average terms of 2-3 years; our portfolio of warrants gives a huge boost to the Fund’s performance.

Reduced Element of Luck

• The Fund invests in circa 100 stocks at a given time and carries a similar number of warrants.
• Total number of trades are in the 6,000-8,000 range per annum.
• Hence the performance is a function of strong sector expertise and a systematic and spread out trading effort.

No Passive Proxy

• The Fund’s investment style can not be replicated via an ETF.
• The trading and project filtering approach requires an experienced fund manager to execute.

Surviving Winters

• The Fund’s drawdowns and downside volatility have been in line with or less than the sector ETFs’, despite its considerably higher return.
• The Fund has performed exceptionally well during bear, sideways and bull gold markets.
• The Fund does not rely on leverage or equity shorts for performance.

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